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How to Get Metal Slug Complete PC Serial Number61

How to Get Metal Slug Complete PC Serial Number61

Metal Slug Complete PC is a compilation of all the Metal Slug games up to Metal Slug 6, published by DHM Interactive in 2010 for PC's. If you are a fan of the classic side-scrolling shoot-em-up series, you might want to get your hands on this collection. But how do you get the serial number to activate it?

Metal Slug Complete Pc Serial Number61

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The serial number for Metal Slug Complete PC is a 16-digit code that you need to enter when you install the game. It is usually printed on the back of the CD case or on a sticker inside the manual. However, if you have lost or damaged your original copy, you might be looking for other ways to get the serial number.

One option is to buy a new copy of the game from an authorized retailer or online store. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a legitimate and working serial number. However, this might be expensive or hard to find, especially if the game is out of stock or discontinued.

Another option is to use a key generator or a crack program that can generate a random serial number for Metal Slug Complete PC. These are software tools that can bypass the activation process and let you play the game without entering a valid serial number. However, this is illegal and risky, as you might be violating the game's license agreement or exposing your computer to viruses or malware.

The best option is to contact DHM Interactive and request a replacement serial number for Metal Slug Complete PC. You will need to provide proof of purchase and some personal information to verify your identity and ownership of the game. This might take some time and effort, but it is the safest and most ethical way to get the serial number you need.

Metal Slug Complete PC is a great collection of classic games that will bring back nostalgic memories and provide hours of fun. To enjoy it fully, you need to have a valid serial number that will activate the game and unlock all its features. We hope this article has helped you find out how to get Metal Slug Complete PC Serial Number61.

How to Play Metal Slug Complete PC

Once you have installed and activated Metal Slug Complete PC with a valid serial number, you can start playing the game and enjoy the retro graphics and gameplay. Here are some tips on how to play Metal Slug Complete PC:

  • Choose your game mode. You can play the games in their original arcade mode or in a mission mode that lets you select any stage you want. You can also play with a friend in a co-op mode or compete with other players online in a versus mode.

  • Choose your character. You can select from four different characters: Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, such as speed, firepower, or special weapons. You can also unlock other characters by completing certain stages or challenges.

  • Shoot and dodge. The gameplay of Metal Slug is simple but challenging. You have to shoot your way through hordes of enemies and avoid their attacks. You can use different weapons, such as pistols, machine guns, rockets, grenades, or even vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters, or camels. You can also collect items, such as food, medals, or prisoners of war, that will give you extra points or bonuses.

  • Have fun. The most important thing is to have fun while playing Metal Slug Complete PC. The game is full of humor and references to pop culture and history. You will encounter zombies, aliens, mummies, pirates, and more. You will also see some hilarious animations and sound effects that will make you laugh.

Metal Slug Complete PC is a must-have for any fan of the Metal Slug series or anyone who loves classic arcade games. It is a game that will challenge your skills and entertain you at the same time. We hope this article has helped you learn how to play Metal Slug Complete PC. 29c81ba772

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