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Total Tank Simulator Demo 4: How to Download and Play

Total Tank Simulator Demo 4: How to Download and Play

Total Tank Simulator is a strategy game that lets you command and control your army in massive physics-driven WWII battles. You can choose from different factions, units, maps and modes to create your own scenarios and challenge yourself or your friends. The game was released on Steam on May 20, 2020, but before that, the developers had released several demos for testing and feedback purposes.

One of the most popular demos was Demo 4, which had a wider variety of units and maps than the previous ones. Many players enjoyed playing with Demo 4 and wanted to keep it even after the full game came out. However, the official download link for Demo 4 was taken down and replaced with Demo 5, which had fewer features but was more stable and optimized.

total tank simulator demo 4 download

So, how can you get Demo 4 now if you want to play it? Fortunately, some players have shared their copies of Demo 4 online and you can still download it from their links. Here are some of the sources where you can find Demo 4:

  • Google Drive link by Chopper7729 [^2^]

  • Stack Exchange answer by user156344 [^3^]

To play Demo 4, you just need to download the zip file from one of these links and extract it to a folder of your choice. Then, double click on the .exe file and enjoy the game. Note that Demo 4 is not compatible with Mac and may have some bugs or glitches that were fixed in later versions.

If you like Total Tank Simulator and want to support the developers, you can also buy the full game or the DLC on Steam [^1^]. The full game has more factions, units, maps, modes and features than Demo 4, as well as regular updates and improvements. You can also check out the Steam Workshop for user-generated content and mods.

Have fun with Total Tank Simulator!Here are some more details about Total Tank Simulator and its features:


Total Tank Simulator is a sandbox strategy game that lets you create and play your own scenarios in WWII. You can choose from six factions: Germany, USSR, USA, UK, France and Japan. Each faction has its own units, vehicles, planes and weapons that you can deploy and control on the battlefield. You can also customize your army by changing the color, insignia and name of your units.

The game has three main modes: Campaign, Sandbox and Shadow. In Campaign mode, you can follow the historical events of WWII and take part in different missions that will test your skills and tactics. In Sandbox mode, you can create your own scenarios by choosing the map, weather, time of day, units and objectives. You can also play with or against your friends in multiplayer mode. In Shadow mode, you can play as a single unit and experience the action from a first-person perspective.

The game features realistic physics and destruction that will make every battle unique and dynamic. You can destroy buildings, trees, bridges and vehicles with your weapons or artillery fire. You can also use the terrain and cover to your advantage or disadvantage. The game also has a day-night cycle and weather effects that will affect the visibility and performance of your units.


Total Tank Simulator has over 200 different units that you can use in your army. These include infantry, tanks, planes, artillery, anti-aircraft guns, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. Each unit has its own stats, abilities and weaknesses that you need to consider when deploying them. For example, some units are faster or more armored than others, some units can fire from a long range or have a high rate of fire, some units can transport other units or provide support or repair services.

You can also upgrade your units by spending research points that you earn by completing missions or destroying enemy units. You can improve the speed, armor, firepower or accuracy of your units or unlock new variants or models. For example, you can upgrade your Panzer IV tank to a Panzer IV Ausf H with a better gun and armor or unlock the Tiger I tank with a powerful 88mm cannon.


Total Tank Simulator has over 50 maps that you can play on. These include historical locations from Europe, Africa and Asia such as Normandy, Stalingrad, El Alamein or Iwo Jima. The maps vary in size, terrain and layout and offer different strategic opportunities and challenges. Some maps have hills, mountains, rivers or bridges that you can use to gain an advantage or hinder your enemy. Some maps have urban areas with buildings that you can occupy or destroy. Some maps have special features such as bunkers, fortifications or traps that you need to watch out for.

You can also change the weather and time of day of each map to create different scenarios and effects. For example, you can play on a snowy map at night with reduced visibility and mobility or on a sunny map at noon with clear skies and high temperatures.


Total Tank Simulator has one DLC available: Italy DLC. This DLC adds Italy as a playable faction with 20 new units including tanks such as Carro Armato M13/40 or Semovente 75/18 , infantry such as Bersaglieri or Alpini , planes such as Fiat CR.42 Falco or Macchi C.202 Folgore , and support units such as Autoblinda AB 41 or Lancia 3Ro . The DLC also adds a new campaign act with four missions where you can fight as Italy against France , UK , USA and Germany . The DLC also adds new maps such as Tobruk , Monte Cassino , Anzio or Sicily . 29c81ba772

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