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Naruto Road To Ninja English Sub 720p

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Naruto Road To Ninja English Sub 720p

he then releases his nine tailed transformation. he then uses the shinigami's eye, and the two men run away, allowing the other akatsuki members to finish off the battle. the masked man who tried to kill him asks if he has taken his eyes, but naruto says that he would not have taken his eyes or started to transform if he was going to die. he then transforms into a giant beast, and he is not human any more. he is still able to be controlled by his chakra, but he is now ten times stronger than before. he then destroys the masked man who had tried to kill him.

as the giant beast continues to destroy konoha and the surrounding villages, it is noted that this is a strong beast and the villagers are in trouble. naruto then leaves, and leaves the scroll at the same time, saying that he is a beast and he has to destroy the world, and he also said that he will return. konoha shinobi try to fight the giant beast, but they soon realise that they can't fight naruto. they then ask naruto to protect the villages, and then they will protect him.

naruto then returns to konohagakure, where his parents are waiting for him. naruto asks why they don't look older. his mother explains that they are ageless. naruto's real parents then appear and explain that they are the real parents. naruto is too shocked and angry to say anything as his real parents hold him and apologise, and then naruto finally says that he is his real son.

menma chases the black nine-tails into the anime's present timeline, and naruto and menma fight again. menma decides to use his real sharingan on naruto, as he was the only reason he became who he is. naruto uses the wind release: rasenshuriken and the clash between the two of their spiralling rings ends in a draw, and naruto is able to knock out menma. menma then takes the scroll and escapes. 3d9ccd7d82

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