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A Veteran Should NEVER Feel Hopeless but We Do More Than Most...

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

As a veteran you either were drafted or volunteered your life to protect your country and to preserve your country’s freedom. No matter what reason you decided to join, one thing is for sure, you had the courage, took an oath and swore to that if or when the time came you would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of YOUR LIFE for your country. Joining the military is the ULTIMATE act of PATRIOTISM. One could not imagine waking up everyday to realize that you are always in harms way being a relentless warrior and protector. The sacrifices of home life are a huge burden to bear and the family that supports the member(s) bear equivalent sacrifices as well. When you are serving in active duty capacity everything is provided, it’s just a matter of where to go on base to find it. As a guard or reservist, help is a lot harder to attain. The stipulation of Guard and Reserve is “Part-Time“ capacity. But only serving (drill days and annual tours) is part time. The fact that you have to be ready in 72 hours to hault your civilian and family affairs along with anything else at home is a full time readiness. Guard and Reservist have to maintain a living in the “civilian world“ which in most cases is way more nerve wrecking seeing as the majority of civilians really do not understand the purpose or duty of the military and it’s members. Nor, do active duty military members and and government agencies for that matter, henceforth, the difficult time a guard or reservist may have to qualify for some benefits.

Help for veterans and actively serving military members can be attained no matter the capacity of service. You have to remain relentless and resilient in finding and obtaining help even when they say you can’t. You shouldn’t have to fight. But because of some, who have misused and abused their benefits there had to be checks and balances put in place. If you have served and survived you deserve your benefits! YOU DESERVE YOUR BENEFITS!!! No matter how long or how short you served (well, you have to atleast make it through basic training, into your military job and atleast made it through one whole year of actively doing your job, that’s my opinion 😁), you should go for your benefits of health, education, housing, job/career/entrepreneurship and more.

I encourage anybody who can to join the military. It is rewarding and you will be apart of a wonderful elite group of people!

Join the Air Force:

Join the Air Force Reserve:

Join the Army:

Join the Navy:

Join the Marines:

Join the Coast Guard:$$&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhdTqBRDNARIsABsOl9_GW88EFt-OgcssXeI4qhq9ACiB6VGkKo_ndnbw9iiYXUaf15SVoEwaAhNAEALw_wcB

The links below are provided to help you in your journey to find resources (more will be added):

1. Ohio Military & Veteran members

2. Military OneSource

3. DAV Veteran Benefit Help

These links honor you for your courage, sacrifice, and bravery:

1. 4 Free tickets once a year to a participating theme park of your choice:

2. Verification of your veteran or active duty military status to receive merchant discounts:

3. TAX FREE!! On Base - Online shopping open to all active duty and veteran personnel:

Army/Air Force

Coast Guard

VA Hospital


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