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Love Your Water: How to test, ensure it’s clean and prepare for water emergencies

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 9:30 A.M.

Note: This article will have additional items added in the future so keep checking back, thanks!

If you live here in Ohio, you’re on pretty good land. We live on top of some of the most lush farm land and cleanest ground water. If you own your land, you also inherit the mineral and water rights with it. Choose your ownership wisely and your parcel could be a self sufficient goldmine.

Each state has its own constitution. In Ohio’s constitution, which can be found on the Secretary of State’s Ohio website, the Preamble reads:

“We, the people of the State of Ohio, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare, do establish this Constitution. - June 17, 1851.”

and continues on page 5 and 6, Article 1: Bill of Rights, #19:

“Protect private property rights

in ground water, lakes and other watercourses.

§19b. (A) The protection of the rights of Ohio's property owners, the protection of Ohio's natural resources, and the maintenance of the stability of Ohio's economy require the recognition and protection of property interests in ground water, lakes, and watercourses.

(B) The preservation of private property interests recognized under divisions (C) and (D) of this section shall be held inviolate, but subservient to the public welfare as provided in Section 19 of Article I of the Constitution.

(C) A property owner has a property interest in the reasonable use of the ground water underlying the property owner's land.

(D) An owner of riparian land has a property interest in the reasonable use of the water in a lake or watercourse located on or flowing through the owner's riparian land.

(E) Ground water underlying privately owned land and nonnavigable waters located on or flowing through privately owned land shall not be held in trust by any governmental body. The state, and a political subdivision to the extent authorized by state law, may provide for the regulation of such waters. An owner of land voluntarily may convey to a governmental body the owner's property interest held in the ground water underlying the land or nonnavigable waters located on or flowing through the land.

(F) Nothing in this section affects the application of the public trust doctrineas it applies to Lake Erie or the navigable waters of the state.

(G) Nothing in Section 1e of Article II, Section 36 of Article II, Article VIII, Section 1 of Article X, Section 3 of Article XVIII, or Section 7 of Article XVIII of the Constitution shall impair or limit the rights established in this section. (2008)”

Ohio land owners have been given a reserved right and a key asset in human survival, WATER!

We have water! 🚰

Now what do we do? First, it‘s always great idea to get your water tested. We get water from so many sources and we go so many places and use their water. But all water is not of the same quality 😳.

When you choose a place to be your home, you picture yourself of how you would live there. But you don’t picture yourself Using water specifically. We imagine what it would be like cooking in the kitchen or taking a bath or watering the lawn. But the cleanliness and access of your water is more important then before you start imagining about what you’ll be doing in your home of choice.

Do you notice that when you use water if you have a certain color to your water or floaters or even a funny taste or smell? Water should smell clean at the very least it should taste fresh at its greatest and it should be clearrystal. It’s time to consider getting your water tested

Get your water tested 🔬

One of the hardest obstacles to getting your water tested is finding a facility to test it. We are here in Ohio! There are numerous resources to find free test facilities. Some will be listed here but not all. This blog will provide a good resource to get you started

Ohio’s department of health water quality webpage gives insight on test facilities what contaminants may be in your water and how to get a Private water systems permit.

A private water system is any water system, other than a public water supply system, for the provision of water for human consumption. A private water system has fewer that fifteen (15) service connections and does not regularly serve an average of twenty-five (25) individuals daily at least sixty (60) days each year.”

- website: Types of Private Water Systems; Ohio Department of health

But what if you live in an apartment, Shared space or a temporary dwelling?

There are quick and easy ways to have your water twist

One way dealing with drinking water is to have a water company test your water Most times the test is free and you have the option to purchase their drinking water along with any other water dispensing softening or cleaning devices.

Sunrise Springs WaterCulligan Water

Distillata Water

Other resources:

Ohio environmental protection agency

Cleveland water quality and treatment

Lead paint

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