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The World is about to shift, are YOU ready?!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

July 10, 2020 10:41 a.m. est.

Writer: Ms. Cigornai Sapp

There are sooooo many things going on right now. Black Lives Matter, The Novel Coronavirus, working remotely or at home is now a common thing, unemployment higher than it has ever been since it’s said that President Obama had the highest unemployment rate, actual food shortages where restaurants have limited menus and stores are limiting items, slow shipments, travel bans, businesses closing or going bankrupt, stay at home orders, homeland military deployments, mandatory PPE, volatile stock markets, the government printing and giving out money, shall I say more? I could but I’m exhausted from what I just listed, lol! In reality a lot of these things are “flash bangs” to divert your attention away from what’s really happening. There are events and new world orders about to take place from the higher rulers of the world. The United Nations, G20 meetings, being able to identify and individual from a chip or cell device, the change in currency from paper or tangible to digital like bitcoin and such. With all of these other things going on it’s hard to see through the smoke. But some of us have clear vision and keen senses. Those are the ones you have faith in and follow. If you hold faith in a higher being boost that up even more because we’re all going to need it.

I came across this video from Robert Kiyosaki. in my opinion and what I have been saying, I agree with his accuracy. We both hope that we’re wrong but past evidence already proves us right. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and others are saying the same. They have lived through different times with their age. So they should know a thing or two about weathering a storm. Click on the YouTube link to watch what he says...


With all of this money coming out, it would be wise to secure what you have or go acquire these REAL essential items;

residential property, security equipment, a safe, energy storage and generation devices and equipment such as solar panels, generators, and batteries, precious metals like gold and silver, an RV, a reliable vehicle, the most upgraded technology such as a laptop, tablet and cellphone all having WiFi and hotspot capabilities, internet and cell service, a satellite and CB radio, long range walkie talkies, some seeds to grow food and utility storage containers to store water, propane, fire wood, self protection, bow and arrow, machete and guns, first aid supplies & PPE, fabric materials, vinegar, ammonia, bleach, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, Everclear the grain alcohol, vodka and gin. Hopefully you have some of this already. But putting large money towards stocks other than bitcoin or electronics that are not portable or buying frivolous items that won’t stand the test of time in an emergency such as a big screen tv, 🤣, may be a regrettable decision later.

July 20, 2020 10:03 am est

New Money: The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History (2019) - Full Documentary

Here are some places I recommend to buy gold and precious metals: MENĒ an KitCo


Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency, Menē restores the link between jewelry and savings.
The Problem
Man-made chemical alloys of 14-18 karats (58%-75% pure) have become the most common jewelry marketed and sold. Alloys do not exhibit the natural properties of gold and platinum and even tarnish with time.
The Menē Difference
Menē jewelry is crafted from pure 24 karat gold or platinum, the same form that these precious metals are found in nature. The difference in purity over man-made chemical alloys of 14-18 karats (58%-75%) is instantly observed and felt. It also means our jewelry will never tarnish, is hypoallergenic, andantimicrobial. This commitment to purity is also the reason why we do not craft jewelry made of “rose gold” or “white gold”. These two industry inventions are man-made alloys that dilute the gold with copper or nickel – abundant metals that tarnish over time due to oxidization.”


Why Choose Kitco?
Kitco has served the refining and precious metals industry for over 40 years. Long-term stability and a high level of expertise enables Kitco to offer products that meet our high standards and come with an authenticity guarantee. A large majority of the bullion products Kitco sells comes straight from world-renowned Mints and reputable Refiners. This process ensures that our products are kept within our chain of integrity before they are delivered to you, the customer. Kitco also offers bullion items that are pre-owned, thus come from the secondary market. Kitco employs a three-part proprietary process for all products purchased from the secondary market. Coins, rounds, and bars that have been circulated in the market are inspected by our experts, both visually, as well as through a two-step technological process. This process ensures that you are buying products of high quality and are guaranteed to be authentic. Kitco stands behind all products we sell to our customers; our reputation for quality is of highest importance.


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