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Welfare Assistance?! Get it when you need it. Let it go when you don’t!

Welfare assistance is a wonderful thing if used properly. Life is full of ups and downs. When you’re young (18-24) and just starting out, whether in school or starting a new job at entry level, it would be wise to apply for all the government assistance you can get. In the event of a temporary job loss, health failure, transition, relocation or just hard times, hold your pride at its highest and be humble enough to go get and accept some welfare help. In the event that one becomes retired or permanently disabled with low income, hurry and get your share of welfare assistance. Don’t feel bad about being on government assistance especially if you’ve retired from a job, paid your share of taxes and contributed to society by being a constructive citizen. It’s absolutely ideal to be financially independent and stable but when you can’t, you have to accept the help in order to survive and get back to that level of independence that you are comfortable with. Use it when you’re low and ditch it when you’re in your prime. Plus there’s perks like Amazon prime special memberships!

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